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Conversations with… Thomas Wolfe

Thomas Wolfe is a 25 year old spoken word poet from London. Thomas shares his journey into writing and performing poetry and the influence that experiencing depression has had on his work. How long have you been writing poetry? About 10 years. I started out writing hip-hop and then moved onto poetry when I was… Continue reading Conversations with… Thomas Wolfe

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Conversations with… Ben Dixon

Ben Dixon is a 25 year old full-time street musician in London. Ben is diagnosed with Tourette syndrome, characterised by repetitive and involuntary tics, and Asperger's syndrome, an autistic spectrum disorder. Ben shared some of his journey through being diagnosed as a teenager and the influence the conditions have had on his life as a… Continue reading Conversations with… Ben Dixon

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Advance Crisis Planning

I wanted to write a little bit about advance crisis planning: what it is, who it's useful for, how to do your own. I'd like to clarify some terms that appear in this post or might be useful otherwise: Capacity: having capacity means an individual is able to make decisions for themselves and about themselves. Lacking capacity means… Continue reading Advance Crisis Planning