34 Things I Learnt in 34 Days of Running

I ran a mile every day for 34 days until yesterday. It was bittersweet. I feel proud that I did it, but disappointed that it ended. I’m excited to keep training for races and I hope I’ll be onto another streak soon, but whether I do or don’t, I feel good about what I’ve achieved.

The month challenged me, excited me, and kicked me up the backside. Here are some things I learnt:

  1. Running is hard.
  2. But running isn’t as hard as I thought it would be.
  3. Food is fuel.
  4. Water is necessary. Drink lots of it.
  5. A personal sense of achievement is unbeatable.
  6. Almost unbeatable. A medal trumps it.
  7. The best cover up for rosacea flushes is not giving a f**k.
  8. I don’t always give up.
  9. Sweat is satisfying.
  10. Chafing is real and it sucks.
  11. There’s always time when time is made.
  12. Cold showers are both brutal and wonderful.
  13. Baths are only wonderful.
  15. The Mooncup deserves its own blog post of thanks.
  16. Listening to emotional audiobooks during exercise isn’t advisable
  17. …because you don’t want sweat and tears dehydrating you.
  18. Trail runs make you feel like Julie Andrews in the opening scene of The Sound of Music. 
  19. Off-road beats the road any day.
  20. Except that run when you get stung, bitten and eaten alive by little flying things when you’re running between hedges.
  21. Running mud tracks in the rain means you have a legitimate reason to jump in puddles as a fully grown adult.
  22. Puddles are fun.
  23. Mud is fun.
  24. Horse poop isn’t fun.
  25. Being outside is really good at making you smile.
  26. Buying new running clothes is a greater priority than replacing the only pair of flat summer shoes you own that your dog ate through.
  27. Most female-targeted underwear is designed to ride up into your arse.
  28. You might love your trainers, but not all trainers love you back.
  29. Some people aren’t cheerleaders.
  30. But most are.
  31. Those people who are cheerleaders will tell you that you can.
  32. And they will keep telling you that you can, even when you think you can’t.
  33. And they will also tell you when you should rest.
  34. And they will keep cheering, even when you stop.



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