Vegan Update: 3 months

It’s been three months since I set off on my quest to drastically cut down on the amount of meat and animal products I consume, so I thought I’d share a bit of an update with you.

When I started out back in August, I was determined not to set myself up to fail. I wasn’t strict with completely elimating meat and animal products from my diet, but tried to considerably scale back and choose more ethical and environmentally friendly options when I did eat them. To begin with, I was super organised and spent my two days off each week doing meal prep to make sure I had delicious homemade vegan lunches and dinners. That was great for a couple of weeks, but once the novelty of my unnatural organisation wore off, I quickly backslid. While I still remained mostly vegetarian, I really struggled with finding ready to eat foods for lunches and dinners when I didn’t have the time to cook and hadn’t been organised enough to prepare for the week ahead. In subsequent weeks, I began to do a lot more research into vegan items in supermarkets and in highstreet restaurants and coffee shops, which made me better equipped for those last minute panic purchased lunches.

Now, 3 months in, I consider myself a vegan. A couple of weeks ago I reached a turning point when I realised that it was ridiculous for me to make unnecessary non-vegan choices in the supermarket and then chastise myself for eating those things because that’s what I’d filled the cupboards with. The solution was a blissfully lazy one – just stop buying  non-vegan food for goodness’ sake, Sophie!

I don’t crave meat anymore, because I’ve reached the point now where eating it makes me uncomfortable, and I’ve found that almost all other non-vegan cravings can be satisfied with healthy, ethical vegan alternatives Oreos.


P.S. Please let me know any vegan diet adjustment tips you have, I’d be grateful!

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