Lush Halloween 2016

I’ve been so excited about the Lush products in the Halloween range and a couple of weeks ago I had a mini splurge on the ones that I could get hold of in the Crawley store and I’m going to share my four favourites!

1. Monsters’ Ball


Gaah! Love, love, love this bath bomb. Monsters’ Ball is definitely a great one for morning baths to get you feeling bright and awake first thing. The lovely citrus scent is so fresh and clean, and the cocoa butter makes your skin feel incredible – my skin was soft and moisturised for what seemed like days after using it! It also makes amazing bath art and turns the water a deep purple. The only problem I had with Monsters’ Ball was that some of the pink bits in it stained my skin (and the bath, temporarily!) until my next soak, so just be warned!

2. Lord of Misruleimg_5329-2

Lord of Misrule is pretty wonderful and I know I’m not alone in it being one of my favourites. It smells and looks amazing. In the bath, it starts off a lovely bright green and then the centre is a deep pink/purple colour, which gives you some pretty bath art. The scent is beautifully relaxing and definitely creates one of those baths you just want to sit in for hours so you can hang on to that amazing smell.

3. Pumpkin


Pumpkin is autumn in a bath bomb. It is sweet and spicy and delicious. The smell of the Pumpkin bath bomb is so warm and comforting, absolutely perfect for getting cosy in a hot bath on a dark and cold October evening with vanilla and cinnamon to keep you company.

4. Sparkly Pumpkin


Sparkly Pumpkin is a bubble bar, so it’s lovely if you prefer having bubbles in your bath. I think it’s the prettiest product in the Halloween range! The grapefruit and lime in it give it a really sweet, fresh scent, and I think it smells a little bit spicy too. One thing about Sparkly Pumpkin, however, is that (clue is in the name) it’s sparkly – the bar itself is covered in wonderful gold glitter, which is sure to put a smile on your face if you love glitter, but for me that means it isn’t an everyday sort of bubble bar because I can’t stand being covered in glitter right before I need to go to work or some place important, so just be aware!

And there you have it, my top four favourites!

Happy bath times lovely people.

Sophie x

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