Lush Haul

It’s no secret that I love Lush. I think there aren’t many things that are better than soaking in a warm bath with the Sakura bath bomb and a really good book for company. I love the whole ethos of Lush – minimising packaging waste as much as possible, producing and labelling vegetarian and beauty vegan products, natural ingredients. I like knowing exactly what is going on my skin or in my hair when I buy something, rather than seeing a long list of chemical names on the back of my bottles.

I haven’t bought anything from Lush in ages, mostly because we don’t have one in Horsham. I got crazy obsessed with Lush products when I was living in London – there is one in Wimbledon, and the flagship store on Oxford Street feels like a day trip in its own right. Then when we moved to St. Albans, there was one a 10 minute walk from our flat, so if ever I was having a crisis I would be able to go out, buy supplies and run myself a bath all in less than half an hour. Now, I have to go out of my way to make trips to Lush. (Tragic.)

On Sunday, Chris and I were driving back from Nottingham and decided to stop off in St. Albans (because a) we miss it; and b) Lush (duh?)). So Chris took Charlie for a walk in Verulamium Park and I headed to Lush, and these are my favourites of what I bought…


1. Avobath

Avobath is amazing. It’s a lovely green bath bomb with lots of oils in it to keep your skin feeling soft and hydrated and the lemongrass gives is a really delicious fresh citrus smell, which stays on your skin all day. Definitely one of my all time favourites.

2. Sakuralush2

Sakura is my happy place. It’s another bath bomb with cherry blossom, orange flower, jasmine oil and lemon oil. The smell is incredible and has the power to relax me almost instantly. The floral scents are so calming. This one is amazing for destressing in the bath at the end of of a difficult day.

3. Sea Salted Caramel


I think this soap is probably my favourite. It’s got a lovely caramel/vanilla scent which stays with you. Soaps really dry out my hands generally, so I normally have to apply loads of hand cream after I’ve washed my hands, but I never have that problem with Lush soaps – my skin always feels really soft afterwards.

4. Don’t Look At Melush4

This face mask is so, so good. Don’t Look At Me has lemon juice (great for my nasty spots!) murumuru butter and grapefruit oil in it, so it’s packed with stuff to help clear your skin while keeping it hydrated and soft. I love it. My normally dry skin feels so soft afterwards. Plus, with Lush face masks, if you bring back 5 clean, empty black pots you get a free fresh face mask. Recycling and freebies!

5. Honey I Washed My Hair


Goodbye liquid shampoo forever! Why have unnecessary packaging when the answer to all your hair problems can be found in the form of a glorious shampoo bar? I was seriously skeptical about shampoo bars when my friend first told me about them, but I’m definitely not going back to bottles now. My biggest worry was that the bars wouldn’t make enough of a lather to tame my mop because they’re so solid, but they do. Honey I Washed My Hair is amazing. You only end up using a tiny amount per wash and you’re hair will feel wonderful and smell delicious. My hair is is bleached, dehydrated and in a pretty horrible condition, but Honey I Washed My Hair makes it so soft and lovely, without feeling like it strips my hair of its natural oils. If you’re skeptical like I was, I’d really urge you go give one a go.

6. Sugar Daddy-Olush8

If you are a convert to the shampoo bar, then I’d definitely recomment trying out a solid conditioner too. Sugar Daddy-O is a great purple conditioner for naturally blonde or bleached hair (like mine) to keep it light and lovely instead of that brassy orange we all love… It’s got coconut oil and argan oil in it to make your hair soft and lovely and has an amazing floral smell.

7. Grease Lightning

Dear fellow spotty people, Grease Lightning is your friend. My skin can get a bit Mr. Blobby-ish at times and I’ve tried a million and one products to try to zap them, but not much works. Grease Lightning contains tea tree, witch hazel and aloe vera, which work their magic to seriously calm spots, then the lavender, rosemary

and thyme make it smell amazing. I’ve only been using this stuff for a few days, but it’s definitely working. It really takes the redness out of preexisting spots, but works best on spot that are forming by clearing them up before they go all Vesuvius on me. My skin is super sensitive to harsh chemical spot treatments, and I’ve had some pretty nasty reactions to them in the past, so this all natural answer is a blessing.

And there you have it, my Lush haul.


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