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Bipolar UK Support Groups

We’ve been living in St. Albans for four months and I love it. It took a little while, but it’s now home. I love my job; I love sitting in our lounge studying with the sunlight pouring through our skylight; I love walking into town; I love running down past the cathedral to the lake in the park (and then making a cheeky stop at The Waffle House on the way down). So, because we love it so much, we’ve decided to stick around. And sticking around means planting roots. And planting roots means taking care of any long-term health conditions one might have. And taking care of any long-term health conditions one might have means Sophie, no more putting off getting help and support(!).

I’m pretty great at the moment. Things are really, really good. I’ve got a mound of assignments for university, but I’m not panicking; I’m on top of everything (or most things, at least); I’m looking forward to lots of things; I’m exercising regularly; I’m eating well. Day-to-day I’m happy. But when we’re happy it can be easy to forget about planning for when things aren’t so good. Then, when things aren’t so good, trying to get support is last thing you want to be doing.

So, I went to go along to a Bipolar UK group. I’ve been to ones before, but this was a new one. I got really nervous just before I arrived and came close to turning around and going home, but as soon as I walked in the door, I was made to feel welcome. There was no pressure to talk if I didn’t want to, and the atmosphere was so friendly and relaxed. I talked a bit about what had been going on with me and it was such a relief to listen to people who knew exactly how I felt.

If you haven’t been to a group or aren’t in a group at the moment, I’d really recommend trying one out. Bipolar UK support groups aren’t just for people diagnosed with bipolar either – family, friends, carers are free to go along to lots of them as well and to ask any questions they might have (check with the group facilitator(s) first). When I went along to my first group, I was only very recently diagnosed and all I did was ask questions to try to learn as much as I could about bipolar disorder.

Follow the link below, type in your postcode, and boom, you’ll find a list of the Bipolar UK support groups nearest to you.

Sophie   x

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