Just before the new year, Chris and I decided to start running. I started out at pretty much rock bottom as far as my fitness goes: I hadn’t ever been this unfit.

18 months ago, I was the most physically fit I’d ever been. I was going to the gym, running, and/or doing bodyweight exercises religiously every day of the week and I felt great. But then work, life, and other general committments made me less committed to keeping fit, so my routine exercise diminished to almost nothing. Fastforward to December last year, when I had been talking to my brother about Tough Mudder (he’d completed it a couple of years ago) and was asking questions and watching YouTube videos (mostly fail compilations), wondering what it would take for me to get fit enough to do it myself. London West Tough Mudder is on 1st May. At that point, it gave me 4 months to train. Maybe signing up would give me the motivation necessary to get myself fit again…

We’re now six weeks in. I’ve joined the gym (our favourite time to go is between midnight and 1am). I run (if you can call it that) about 3 times a week (despite having very dodgy ankles that are trying to kill me). I do 5k pretty comfortably (though slowly). I’m planning to do the local Parkrun in the next couple of weeks and keep that up until D-Day. I still can’t do a pull up. I still can’t swim with my face underwater. I still have dodgy ankles that are trying to kill me. But I’m happy.

I know I’ve been pretty lazy at times and could definitely be doing better, but I feel much healthier and fitter already. I’m excited when I know we’re running today. Sometimes it’s one step forwards and two steps back on bad days, but I’ll get there.

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